Pier 70

San Francisco, CA

22 August

Saturday | 2015

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Beer Miles. Food. Drinks. Games.

Have You Thought About Running a Beer Mile?

Well, this is your chance

What is the Beer Mile?

The Beer Mile is a social event that's as much fun to do as it is to watch.

The most common format of the beer mile requires a single participant to drink a full-sized beer, run a quarter mile, then repeat the process three times. This results in the consumption of four beers and the running of four quarter miles (hence the beer mile). 21+ only

From : beermile.com

How to participate?

Watch it. Run it. Team it.

Run It

The next time someone asks if you've run a marathon, dismissvely ask them if they've run a beer mile. For those looking for that Beer Mile glory this is the event.

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Team It

Team up with friends, coworkers, or complete strangers to run a Beer Mile relay or a chug and run where one person runs and one person drinks!

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Watch It

Just want to come hang out? It's free entry and there will be beer stands, food stands, and exciting events happening throughout the day.

Race Founders

No one has more passion for the Beer Mile than these guys.

Speaker 1

Nick MacFalls

Nick MacFalls is social entrepreneur and a 4 minute miler (6:44 beer miler). Nick was an Air Force officer, and founded From Our Feet – a warzone shoe and sports equipment donation program. A race director for over 12 years, he created the Running of the Bulls 5k and consults for many of the Bay Area’s largest races. His goal is to make the World Classic a fun and safe event that becomes an instant classic in San Francisco’s event scene.

Speaker 2

James Nielsen

James “the Beast” Nielsen is the first runner to break 5 minutes in the beer mile.  He was a member of the Canadian National XC team, a qualifier for the US Olympic Trials in the Marathon, and Div III NCAA Champ. His record race is considered the historic event that launched international interest in the Beer Mile. He’s also known for his quirky sports costumes at Bay to Breakers.  He is a father of two, and the Vice President of Sales at Wizeline.

Speaker 3

John Markell

John Markell is one of the pioneers of the Beer Mile. He’s regarded as one of the co-authors of the internationally accepted beer miler regulations – The Kingston Rules. He is a partner at Armentum Partners and is the father of two. He is currently ranked as one of the Top 5 over-40 beer milers in the world. His beer mile PR is 6:05. He’s been hosting underground beer miles in SF since 2006.


Commonly asked questions about this event

  • Tickets?

    Yes, Tickets to the event are on sale. We will be creating new divisions for (Masters, Relays, Team, Designated Chug and Run). For now we just have one entry form for all divisions.

    Register Here
  • Beer?

    We are currating a great selection of beers from SF world class craft beer community. We will be providing beer for all beer mile participants. No outside alcohol.

  • Where exactly is the event?

    Pier 70 | 420 22nd Street | San Francisco, CA 94107
  • Can I run in the Beer Mile?

    Yes, The SF Beer Mile Classic is open to everyone over the age of 21. The Beer Mile World Classic is reserved for the best in the world. For men, the last four World Record Holders will be on hand.


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Aug 22nd 2015


Pier 70, 420 22nd Street